About us

Life-Tec is strongly committed to selling, servicing and distributing advance critical care and Apheresis product solution and best operating patient monitors. Life-Tec is a young and ambitious company with a proven history of leading customer service, clinical expertise and innovative following products Supplier in Pakistan market:

1. Plasmapheresis / Therapeutic Plasma Exchange (TPE) Equipment
2. Single Donor Mega Unit Platelets Machine / Blood Processors
3. Full range of Disposables (Blood Tubing Kits for TPE and Platelets)
4. Dialysis Equipment & Disposables (Blood Tubing Lines)
5. Patient Monitors
6. Deep Vein Finders
7. Neurological Diagnostic Equipment / EMG, NCS & EPMachines
8. Haemodynamic Monitoring System for Venous 2000 CVPand VO 100 Jugular
9. Venous Oximetry from Mespere Lifesciences Canada
10. Blood Bank Products

Life-Tec is exclusive distributors in Pakistan of the following international well reputed companies:

a. Sichuan NIGALE Biotechnology Co. Ltd. Chandu P.R. China – CHINA
b. Mespere Lifesciences Canada – CANADA
c. Micromed Spa Italy – ITLAY
d. Movendo Technology USA
e. Artimes Bio Solutions USA
f. Spes Medica s.r.l – ITALY
g. Voelker GmbH – GERMANY

Mission Statement:

Life-Tec to be ambitious company for an outstanding performance in health care field through
innovative, unique and high quality cost effective product for Pakistani hospitals and healthcare

Quality Policy:

1. The best products … in the best place…. at the best time… at the best price.
2. Life-Tec is committed to supplying clinically superior products and exemplary services to our
3. Our customers are focus of our efforts.
4. Dedicated to the continues improvement of our products and services.